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Singing whether it is alone or as a group has so many health benefits physically and emotionally.

Scientists have now been revealing how singing is great to help lower blood pressure and lower your stress levels.

All types of singing have positive psychological effects. The act of singing releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals. Singing in front of a crowd, like karaoke or in a choir or even alone as a solo artist naturally builds confidence, this has a broad and long-lasting effect on general well-being.

A singing necessitates that will help benefit those who suffer with asthma or anxiety is breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is the key to help reduce these problems it will also help those who do a lot of public speaking, meditation, other relaxation techniques and to sing.

Prices range from £3 to £45 depending on the type of class you wish to join. I cover all areas around Blackburn, Ribble Valley, Lancashire

For sing for fun Hen and conference parties prices start from £150 to £250